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Marylebone Wedding Photographer

Being a Marylebone wedding photographer means witnessing unique love stories: capturing love in the heart of London is always a delightful experience, and John and Chelsea’s wedding in the Knightsbridge room, a flawless match for their style,  was no exception. As a Marylebone wedding photographer, it’s been a joy to witness so many beautiful unions in this iconic venue. John and Chelsea’s wedding was a perfect reflection of their style – elegant, fun, and full of love.

These two are like unicorns – rare, magical, and totally owning the wedding game!

So here’s to John and Chelsea, the maestros of love!


Chelsea & John

marylebone wedding photography stilish

The Old Marylebone Town Hall
Knightsbridge Room

The Knightsbridge Room at Marylebone is the epitome of refined elegance for weddings. The exquisite space within The Old Marylebone Town Hall offers a perfect blend of classic charm and modern sophistication. This room is where wedding dreams are brought to life with an air of exclusivity and historic 


The Reception
Trafalgar Travern

John and Chelsea took the party to the next level at Trafalgar Tavern by the Thames River in Greenwich! The night was a blast, with a DJ spinning tunes and a talented solist keeping the energy high. Laughter filled the air during entertaining speeches, and fine dining added a touch of sophistication to the festivities. It was a night of love and fun.



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