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Marylebone Town Hall Soho Room Wedding photography

Sherman and Dmitri’s Romantic Christmas Wedding at The Old Marylebone Town Hall Soho Room.

A couple whose love story unfolded in the heart of London at The Old Marylebone Town Hall’s charming Soho Room. As their wedding photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the magic of their romantic wedding just before Christmas.

The Soho Room, with its intimate ambiance and classic charm, served as the perfect backdrop for this lovely couple’s union. Adorned with timeless features and bathed in the soft glow of Christmas lights and candles, the room created an atmosphere of warmth and love.

They chose to exchange vows just before Christmas, adding a touch of festive magic to their special day. The Soho Room became a haven for their love, echoing with laughter, joy, and the spirit of the season.


Sherman and Dmitri

Marylebone Town Hall Soho Room Wedding photographer

Old Marylebone Town Hall-Soho Room

The Old Marylebone Town Hall’s Soho Room, a haven of natural light and chic comfort.Your wedding ceremony becomes a visual masterpiece against this backdrop, capturing the essence of your love in every frame.Designed for intimacy, the Soho Room invites up to 13 guests plus couple to relax in easy chairs and sofas, creating a laid-back ambiance.The perfect size for micro weddings, it ensures that every guest feels a part of your special day.Despite its chic elegance, the Soho Room is offered at the same rate as other distinguished rooms – Pimlico, Mayfair, and Knightsbridge.

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