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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Based in London and travel all across the UK -we also have passports so even further.

Yes, even if we photograph simultaneously on 2 high speed cards, we have 1:1 backup equipment all of the time.

Yes, all photos will be carefully selected and edited and we usually deliver 600+ for a full day wedding.

Yes, fully insured as we do things properly.

Would love to!And we only charge for travel, that’s it!

Your images will be ready within 6 to 8 weeks following the wedding but we aim to deliver in about 4 weeks.

Yes please! That’s the best way to get to know each other so we highly recommend meeting in person or a Zoom call .

Yes, only Alex and Ramona will be your official Photographers as stated in the contract .

Definitely! We’ve listed  packages that works for most of our couples but of course you can have a personalised one.

Just get in touch with your requirements please .

No. Vat and travel its included in the package price .

Working together as a husband and wife team will allow every important expression to be captured.For example Ramona will focus on Bride walking down the aisle while Alex is capturing groom’s and family’s emotions  Or Coverage of both partners preps will make your gallery feel a bit more complete -That isn’t easy with just one photographer.

Also we’ll capture images with different style of lightning , angles, focal lengths and perspectives -that will double or even triple the number of great images you ‘ll get from those fleeting moments. 

Love is Love !

We love to photograph weddings for all orientations and gender

My husband and I hired Alex and Ramona for our wedding and was the best decision we ever made!!! They made us feel so comfortable and every single picture they sent to us (over 650!) was incredible !Not only did the photos turn out great but they are so much fun to work with as well and made us feel at ease.Such a pleasure working with you both! Can't thank them enough.
Brittany and Jamie