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We’re Alex and Ramona,

Our story kicks off in 2012, and let us tell you, it’s been one epic rollercoaster ride since then.- Fast forward to 2016,when we sealed the deal with a beautiful wedding and welcomed our daughter Alizee in 2018. We’re not just a couple; we’re best friends, partners in life’s adventures and loving parents. When we’re not chasing after our kiddo, we enjoy spending time together exploring new places and trying new things, always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of our creativity.

Speaking of creativity, we’ve been in the business of capturing love stories since 2015. We’re the kind of peeps who never settle for anything less than extraordinary,we’re all about those picture-perfect moments, even when it means taking the road less traveled. We spend our time constantly going after the best possible version of things, even when that’s not the easiest option.You could say we’re addicted to that “wow” factor!

Currently, we call London our home, this city never fails to inspire us. We consider ourselves truly blessed to wake up each morning and do what we love most. For the past eight years, we’ve poured our passion into our wedding photography business, and it’s been a rewarding journey filled with incredible moments and wonderful couples.

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Our style

We’re bringing a relaxed and easygoing vibe , a unique blend of storytelling and editorial touch that unfolds naturally and authentically. 

It’s all about those REAL and MEANINGFULL MOMENTS, turning your love story into a visual work of art. We choose candid over poses, just genuine, unscripted shots that tell your unique tale.

We’re all about capturing the genuine, the spontaneous, and the authentically YOU! Think of us as your laid-back storytellers, blending seamlessly into the background while your love story takes the spotlight.

The ZEN photographers who believe that the best moments happen when you’re busy being yourselves. 

Poses? Pfft, not our thing. We’re on a mission to break free from the shackles of stiffness and forced smiles. Your love isn’t rehearsed, so why should your photos be? 

Can’t wait to hear all about your plans and to be part of your special day!

luxury london wedding photographer

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